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Jul. 16th, 2007

Who: Lore, open

What: Playing pool?

Where: Quad

When: Monday afternoon

Open, incomplete

Lore walked into the Quad. She was a little bored, and had begun roaming the halls in search of SOMEONE to hang out with. So far she had no luck, but surely someone would be in the Quad.

A part of her hoped to find Addy, though she doubted she would. Addy wasn't as social as Lore - she wasn't the sort of person to just go out looking for people to talk to. Lore had to admit that she sort of missed Addy, though, ever since she moved out of the room they had shared into her SeeD apartment. They were different people - very different people. But they had gotten along well as roommates, once they adjusted, and Addy had quickly become a good friend - Lore's best female friend. After living together more than two years, Addy's presence had become the norm.

Lore had to admit that her new, private apartment was a nice perk to being a SeeD, and was better than sharing a dorm anyday. She wasn't complaining, even if it was a little boring living by herself. Still...maybe she would give Addy a call later, if she didn't see her today.

Lore walked over to the pool table, looking around for someone familiar - or maybe not familiar, she didn't particularly care - to play with.


Who: Rinoa, anyone else.
What: SeeD ball
When: Saturday!
Where: The Quad
Status: Open

It was oddly like the last SeeD ball she had attended.Collapse )


To stay or not to stay...

Who: Quistis, anyone else!
What: SeeD ball
When: Saturday!
Where: The Quad
Status: Open

Some foolish, girly part of Quistis had prompted her to leave her hair down and curl it. Now that she'd stepped into the Quad, however, she was starting to have second thoughts. If she hurried back to her dorm, she could grab a clip and put it up. She had to wear her SeeD uniform anyway, so it really had been silly of her to give into the urge.

"God, what was I thinking?" She muttered to herself, hand on the door.

What would everyone think? That she had likely gone temporarily insane. Quistis was neat, professional. She didn't attempt to look any different from any other SeeD. This was a ball, yes, and she couldn't wear a dress, but that didn't mean she needed to do her hair.

Or are you just too afraid to be different, to let go of the safety net and live a little? She taunted herself.

"This is stupid," she snapped at herself, irritated. So was talking aloud, but that apparently wasn't stopping her from doing it.

Steeling herself against the urge to turn around and flee to her room, she forced herself to take a few more steps into the room. People were talking, busy with their dates or others. They weren't paying any attention to her. She was being overly-vigilant, something better suited to a SeeD mission, not a dance.

Blowing out a breath, she straightened the hem of her SeeD jacket, whether it needed it or not, and veered toward the refreshments. It was the perfect distraction.


The Ball

Who: North, and anyone else
What: SeeD ball
When: Er, day of the ball!
Where: The Quad
Status: Open

Dancing wasn't his 'thing', so to speak, and North wouldn't have come if he hadn't been asked. He'd rather be back in his room studying and prepping for when the ball would be a celebration of the day he graduated. But he wasn't going to stand the girl up. He just wished he'd said no.

Glancing around, he couldn't spot her amid the sea of suits, uniforms, and dresses. Either he was early or she was late. It didn't matter which one. Stepping away from the door, he wandered to the refreshment table and poured himself a cup of punch. He lifted it to his nose before taking a sip, never one to trust someone hadn't spiked it out of the need to prank. Or simply because they wanted to watch drunk people stumble into one another on the dance floor.

It went down smooth; something raspberry with a hint of fizz. The pink froth on the top told him ice cream floated somewhere in the bowl, but he'd missed his opportunity to procure a chunk. Not that he was overly saddened by the fact. He rarely ate ice cream, and was one of the lucky few without a taste for sweets.


Turning to the sound of the voice, he'd expected the girl who'd asked him to be at his elbow. Instead, it was another, and she looked marginally uncomfortable. He wasn't certain if it was the news she apparently had to deliver or if he was making her feel that way.

"Yeah," he said, watching her fingers nervously dance across the skin of her throat.

"Um, Janet can't come. She's got a cold and she's miserable back in our dorm. She says to tell you she didn't stand you up and she'd like to make it up to you by maybe going out to eat or something after she's better."

North wasn't certain whether to be relieved that he didn't have to make conversation with a stranger, or annoyed that he'd taken the time to come here only to find out he hadn't needed to make the effort.

"Tell her not to worry about it. But she's better off finding some other guy to go out with. I'm not interested in dating her."

The girl flushed. North gathered she was shy, because he couldn't figure out why she'd be embarrassed when the dismissal had nothing to do with her.

"Oh. Okay. Um, have a good night."

Further puzzled, he watched her hurry away and shook his head. He didn't pretend to understand the female of the species, but they generally weren't that far off from a guy. This one, however... Taking another drink of his punch, he figured he might as well enjoy the food before he left. He hadn't eaten in a while anyway.

(OOC: Quick! Someone pounce on North and make him stay.)


Cornering a cowboy

Who: Aria, Irvine
What: SeeD ball
When: Saturday, just before Super Number 7 are due to perform
Where: The Quad 

Aria was sipping apple juice when she wished it was wine. The cool breeze shifted through the pleats in her dress and stirred through the bangs of her hair. This was unusual for her; a social event where she didn't know, well, anybody. Where she didn't tie in every face with a catalogue of names, knowledge, and most importantly gossip. 

She took a gulp of her apple juice and slammed it down like she was playing a drinking game with herself. She looked coolly reserved, like the type of person who chose to be there in order to grace them all with her beauty and presence, and in return sat silently, allowing men to drink in the pale pink of her shoulders and the shape of her legs.

Her eyes skimmed across to a long ponytail resting against a stretch of dark blue material. It was the man she recognised as a fellow Galbadian, most importantly quite a handsome one. If she had heard any ripple of gossip so far, it had been that this man was a flirt, and...he wore a cowboy hat. Rather boyish, she thought, but she didn't care. It wasn't like before, where she would stuff herself in a closet with a twenty-something heir at a party. The crop was slightly more...narrow now, according to her tastes. But he seemed fine enough. 

Rising upwards, she walked silkily towards him, and tapped him on his high shoulder. Thank goodness she was wearing shoes. Something told her this boy liked black stilettos anyway.

"I thought you were going to show me around, Mr Kinneas?" 

She put on her best smile, reserved only for this game.


Who: Anyone
What: SeeD ball
When: Backdated for Saturday around 7ish
Where: The social hall in the Quad

Straightening his tie, Cid surveyed the room. It was decorated elegantly as always, though he had little to do with that part of it. Tables with lacy clothes and fancy drinks and food on the sides of the room had large bouquets of some sort of white flowers. He would guess they were lilies, but Cid was no expert. There were centerpieces with candles surrounding more flowers, which matched the candles in the wall sconces - had those been there last year? He supposed they probably had. Lush potted ferns sat near the walls.  He pulled at his tie again, starting to feel a bit hot in his wardrobe. Despite doing this every year, he never could get comfortable in his formal clothes. A full suit just wasn't his thing, especially now that his was starting to get a bit tight. 

A drink in one hand, he looked around as people drifted in. It was already filling in, despite still being early. He enjoyed his rare moment of peace, wondering idly where Edea had disappeared to. He knew his solitude wouldn't last long, as most of his night would be spent entertaining guests, smoozing with potential benefactors, listening to people's requests for SeeD as if they were the first genius person who thought approaching the headmaster was the ticket in. Of course, he reflected, it had worked for Rinoa.

Sure enough, his attention was soon diverted as he felt a hand on his arm, and before long was shaking hands and making small talk again. He wished Edea was here - she was much better in these social situations.

But where's the color?

Who: Lore, Addy                                                                                                                                                           
Where: Room 25                                               
When: Before the SeeD ball - Saturday around 6:45                                                                             
What: Getting ready

Open, incomplete

Lore smoothed out the skirt of her SeeD uniform, eyeing herself critically in the mirror. "What do you think?" she asked Addy. She was excited to finally be wearing the uniform. It meant a lot to her, to be going to the ball as a SeeD this time. It showed that all her hard work had paid off, that she had done it. But something just didn't quite look right, even though she couldn't put her finger on it..


Who: Aria and Cid
What: Meeting
Where: Cid's Office
When: Friday , I'm presuming around noon, after when her train would arrive in Balamb

Aria toyed around with the buttons on her cufflinks. Below her feet she could hear the mechanical hissing of the elevators,  and every now and again the sound of heavy objects being shifted around. It made the ground feel slightly uneven beneath the soles of her shoes; but inside she could feel her determination acting as a weight, pulling her towards the centre of gravity and even further. 

She tried to show no anxiety. It was her finely perfected art. That, and a supreme confidence in her abilities gained only by being fed constant praise since the age of three. 

She looked towards the clock. Her diary said to meet Mr Kramer at 1pm. The clock moved towards the digit, and she drummed the pattern of time with her fingers behind her.



Who: Anyone 
What: Dinner and music
Where: Cafeteria
When: Friday  around 5
Open, incomplete

Selphie had gotten to the cafeteria more than an hour ago. It took awhile to rearrange some of the tables and set up the stereo equipment. Of course, most of that time was spent trying to untangle and sort out all of the cords. Selphie had done a lot of cursing under her breath.

But it was over now, and so far everything seemed to be in good shape.  Selphie got in the food line. There wasn't much of a line yet. It was still earlier than a lot of students ate, and she wanted to eat while she had a break. Who knew what could go wrong later, and she still had to get out to the field and make sure everything was ready for the bonfire.


May. 2nd, 2007

Who: Reagan, North
What: hanging out
where: dorm
When: Wednesday @ 5 

open/ incomplete

Reagan lay sprawled across his bed, flipping through a car magazine. New models were out. Though Reagan didn't see owning a car in the near future (in fact, Reagan couldn't even legally drive yet), he was still interested in checking them out.

His side of the room was covered in posters and pictures. A few pieces of clothing were scattered here and there - pants on the floor, a shirt hanging off the back of his computer desk, a random sock half-hiding under the bed. The bed was unmade, blankets pushed toward the head of the bed when he laid down.  A few pieces of paper had fallen behind his desk, where they remained. Reagan wasn't exactly a slob, but he wouldn't have won neatness points either.

Reagan flipped another page. Most of the new designs were just ugly...but those Chimeras were pretty hot.